One of the most effective tools for goal achievement is Coaching. The “magic”  is in the fact that the Coach leads the process, never the content. Therefore, the client goes deep within to find his/her own answers and reaches his/her own internal tools to create the reality he/she wants. This is the reason why coaching is so empowering.

We offer both individual and group coaching. In both cases, we focus on two main areas: personal strategy and/or constructive leadership.

  • Personal Strategy Coaching: 

The client build his/her own personal plan to achieve the goals that are most important to him/her. The coach facilitates the process by asking powerful questions and using tools that open the doors to the client exploring limitless possibilities. The coach’s expertise is key to help the client go beyond his/her limiting beliefs.

  • Constructive Leadership Coaching: 

It is not the same to be a leader than to be a constructive leader. For many years the word “leadership” has been used to imply positive qualities in an influential person. However, there are many examples in history that prove that not all leaders are good for humanity. This is why we are on a mission to shift the way we see leadership and focus on building Constructive Leadership  within our youth, communities, and organizations.

In this type of coaching we focus on guiding the clients in the process of identifying the traits of their personality that are aligned to the constructive leadership vision and those that require some improvement. Once again, this is about partnering with our clients to get the best out of them.

For more information on either coaching program or another coaching opportunity to may have in mind, contact us directly.